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We make it easy to live consciously.

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle is complicated. Sādu makes it easy.

Prioritize your well-being, get rewarded. See trees planted in reforestation projects whenever you are active.

Then, analyze your impact, change what you can, invest where you can’t.

Sync your smart watch or enter your last workout directly in the app. Begin your journey towards a more eco-consious lifestyle.

Join our community of beta testers for early access.

Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) defines a company’s ability to create a competitive advantage over the long term.

Join the race to #NetZero. Decarbonize while improving employee well-being with Sādu.

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Brittany Salas

Co - founder

Prior to founding Sādu Brittany established Plug and Play’s European Sustainability program, supporting venture capital funds and innovation departments in their search for investment opportunities. Her work in CleanTech began in 2015 as a researcher for Global Futures Group, a Smart City consultancy headquartered in NYC. She has a Master’s in Global Energy Policy from New York University and Bachelor’s in International Political Economy and Philosophy (Double Major).

In addition to all that work stuff Brittany spent 16 years as a springboard diver, bouncing her way into Fordham University on a scholarship. Now, a steady amount of yoga, CrossFit and swell chasing, keeps her grounded and energized.

Elise Cannon

Co - founder

Elise believes in being the change and that data can always point you in the right direction. After building different products over the past decade, in Australia then London now Berlin, the time has come to follow her beliefs and help others to start somewhere. She is a co-founder of Sādu where she gets to flex her tech muscles to contribute to a climate positive solution and prove that living consciously should be easy to do.