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Move to earn natural capital.

Reduce your carbon footprint by supporting ecosystem restoration with your daily activities.

Earn trees by logging a workout or subscribing.
Every tree represents an investment in one of the Ecosystem Partners on our mobile app.
Earn enough trees and receive a digital asset that you can take with you throughout the decentralized web.
Every asset contains data which verifies a thriving ecosystem.

Use the app to earn digital assets backed by nature. There are two ways to do this. First, connect a fitness app, like Apple Health, to automatically convert your steps or workouts into points, aka trees. We never share any data and everyone can remain completely anonymous if they choose. Second, subscribe to earn trees every month. If you connect your apps then you earn additional trees whenever you workout or go for a walk.

How to play.

Natural capital is created by using web3 to bridge digital assets and living trees. These "nature backed assets" are pieces of digital artwork linked to ecosystem restoration. Check the asset metadata for geotags and satellite imagery in order to verify habitat conservation after you earn them in the app. To learn how these assets differ from carbon credits check out the link below.

What is natural capital?

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Brittany Salas


Prior to founding Sādu, Brittany worked in energy with a focus on venture capital and corporate innovation. She was one of the first to build a Berlin-based energy and sustainability platform, bringing climate tech startups into energy utilities and suppliers while scouting on behalf of venture capital funds. Brittany began her career in policy advocacy at the city level, first for the implementation of worker cooperatives as a new economic development model and later for Smart City technology to improve public utilities. She has a Master’s in Global Affairs with a focus on Energy and Environmental Policy and Bachelor’s in International Political Economy and Philosophy (double major).